Friday, February 08, 2008

Schill’s shoulder

Curt Schilling is having shoulder trouble. He will miss at least half the season and his career may be over.

Dr. Craig Moran, who has twice performed surgery on Schilling’s shoulder, thinks a third surgery is needed. The team’s medical staff thinks Schilling’s rotator cuff can’t withstand another surgery and is recommending a less aggressive approach that includes rest and rehab.

For his part, Schilling, who had a cortisone shot today, is following the advice of the team’s medical staff.

But Moran sounded alarm bells in an interview on EEI, warning that Schilling won’t be able to pitch without the surgery, but acknowledged that there’s no guarantee Schilling would be able to even with the surgery.

Now before you go thinking that this is bad timing and the Sox missed out on Johan Santana, remember what the Twins wanted for Santana: Jacoby Ellsbury, John Lester and Clay Buchholz. Plus, the Sox would have had to sign Santana to a long-term deal. He threatened to walk away during negotiations with the Mutts and ended up getting $137.5 million over six seasons. Keep in mind that Santana will be 29 years old before he throws one pitch next season and will be 34 years old entering the last year of this contract. How would you feel about the Sox being on the hook for nearly $23 million for a 34-year-old pitcher? A 34-year-old lefty pitching at Fenway, at that? How’s that contract the Stinkins gave Johnny Damon looking these days?

Sure, the Schilling injury hurts, but a rotation of Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Wakefield and Buchholz isn’t so bad, is it? And maybe they’ll pick up another starter before the season begins.

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