Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Saving skin

Good news.
Scientists in France have developed human skin which may reduce chemical testing on animals.

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal showed Sky News their new product called Episkin in an exclusive visit to their laboratory in Lyon, France.

The skin is grown from cells removed from donor skin left over after cosmetic surgery.

Tests have shown it gives more accurate results than animal skin.

The new skin has been cleared for use and will now be available to use in the cosmetic industry.

Dr Estelle Tinois-Tessonneaud, who led the research said: "It was very important because following regulation in 2009 the cosmetic industry will not be allowed to sell a cosmetic with raw materials that have been tested on animals so it was absolutely fundamental that we get this model."
What? Why that means that regulation led to innovation. Could somebody tell these guys? And these guys? And these guys? And these guys?

Anyway, there should be more animal-friendly cosmetics on the market soon. Make your purchases accordingly.



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