Friday, June 20, 2008

How they voted

on granting retroactive immunity (that is, AFTER they broke the law) to telecom companies that helped the government spy on you illegally. Print this list and take it with you next time you’re going to a voting booth. These chickenshit swine — 188 Republicans (all of them but 11: one, Tim Johnson of Illinois, actually voted against the bill and 10 brave souls abstained) and 105 Democrats — have sold us out by voting that there should be no consequences for companies that aided the federal government in its lawbreaking and trampling of our rights.

This is the kind of shit I expect from Republicans, who make no secret of the fact that they don’t give a fuck about the rule of law, our rights or the Constitution. It’s the 105 Democrats who are disappointing. They were sent there to represent the interests of their constituents, but instead represented their own interests by making sure that the donations will be flowing when it’s time to run for re-election. In the House, that’s every two years, so they are basically in campaign mode all the time. Especially today. They — 105 Democrats and all of the Republicans (save Tim Johnson) — are enemies of our Constitution and should be purged from office as soon as possible.

Contact your senators and let them know what you think of retroactive immunity for lawbreakers.

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