Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spineless chickenshits

The rule of law in this country is a fucking myth, because of Republicans who break the law and cowardly Democrats who make sure there are no consequences for doing so. There are two legal systems in this country: One that levies crushing penalites on the poor, and one that makes sure that people with money and political connections never go to prison. The only reason Jack Abramoff is behind bars is because all of his political friends pretended they never heard of his no-longer-useful ass.
U.S. phone companies would be shielded from potentially billions of dollars in lawsuits under an anti-terror spy measure that appears headed toward approval, congressional sources said on Wednesday.

House of Representatives Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer, a lead negotiator on the bill, said, "We're very close to having an agreement," and a House vote could come as early as Friday.

Democratic and Republican aides and a lobbyist familiar with negotiations said the House would likely approve the measure overwhelmingly. Despite opposition from its top two Democrats, the Senate would then likely give it final approval, clearing the way for President George W. Bush to sign it into law.
That’s it, sell out the country to protect your precious seats in Congress, you cocksuckers.

You know what would be really fucking refreshing? A representative in Congress whose main priority is helping constituents and making this country better instead of simple self-preservation.

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