Monday, June 16, 2008

Flip flop

McCain was for Bush’s policies before he was against them. See for yourself. The McCain on the left is from “Meet the Press” June 19, 2005. This was soon after Bush’s re-election (Ohio notwithstanding), when the administration was peddling its bullshit about Bush having a “mandate” and “poitical capital.” The McCain on the right is from his underwhelming speech June 3 in Louisiana.

So, by his own admission, he was in agreement with Bush most of the time in 2005 (and last year, when he voted in favor of Bush policies 95 percent of the time), but is radically opposed to Bush policies now, even though he has yet to cast a vote in opposition to Bush policies this year.

Could it be that McCain is just another lying political opportunist who wanted to cozy up to Bush shortly after the 2004 election and now wants to publicly distance himself from the pariah (but doesn’t mind voting for Bush’s policies in the Senate or attending fundraisers with him, as long as it’s done off camera)?

Some maverick.

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