Friday, January 25, 2008

Let’s do the time warp again

The GOP parties like it’s 2003.
During the Republican presidential debate last night, Mike Huckabee suggested that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, but that they were moved prior to the war. In making this observation, Huckabee compared Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction to an Easter egg hunt.
Lest you think this delusion is unique to the Huckster, remember that Mittens still thinks it’s possible that the WMD were moved, too.

Of course, none of these weak-ass explanations guesses theories explains why Saddam didn’t use his WMD to defend Baghdad against an invading army. I guess he preferred to hide his weapons in another country and be toppled and executed, just to make the United States look foolish when his weapons couldn’t be found.

By the way, Huckster, the party line is that the WMD were moved to Syria, not Jordan. Pay attention man! At least Mittens got the line right, and he thinks it’s OK to tie a dog to the roof of his car before driving 12 hours from Boston to Ontario, Canada.


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