Sunday, December 14, 2008


What's a few more fruitless trips by a lame duck on the taxpayers' nickel? Heck, they can afford it.
President Bush arrived in Baghdad Sunday in an unannounced visit to Iraq, where he will meet with Iraqi leaders and address U.S. troops.
The AP has more:
Bush's visit came after Defense Secretary Robert Gates' unannounced stop in Iraq on Saturday, at a sprawling military base in the central part of the country. Gates will be the lone Republican holdover from the Bush Cabinet in the Obama administration.
For those of you keeping track, that makes exactly zero pre-announced visits to Iraq by a Bush administration official since Bush started the war. These are the same people who for years have told us how much the security situation in Iraq has improved.

It's just not improved to the point that officials can announce their plans to enter the country. And it appears that, under Bush, it never will be.

Of course, that's no surprise.

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