Sunday, December 07, 2008

Grand opening

The Toyota manufacturing plant that Paul Krugman discussed in this column is up and running in Woodstock, Ontario.

Sure, our economy could have used the 1,200 jobs that plant created. But on the plus side, at least America's rich aren't subsidizing the education and healthcare of the nonrich. Because it would just burn their asses to have to contribute money they can easily afford to provide something for someone else. Why spend money when you yourself aren't getting something directly for doing so?

Becuase, you greedy assholes, otherwise we end up right where we are, with half a million jobs evaporating a month, the stock market spiraling downward and more than 45 million Americans without health insurance. That doesn't mean they don't get sick and seek care. That care isn't free, and who do you suppose pays for it?

As Krugman wrote in the aforementioned column, "treating people decently is sometimes a competitive advantage."

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