Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CNN-colored glasses

Wolf Blitzer clearly knows who butters his bread. Nice job, water boy. Too bad it took Charles Barkley to talk some sense and undo all the hard work being done by CNN’s bullshit graphic and Wolf’s leading question.

Here’s CNN’s idea of an average tax bill, by way of Think Progress. If you make less than $161,000 a year, you’re “below average.”

And, just in case you don’t click through, Think Progress also provided the rest of the chart, the part that presents the tax bills of the average plebeian.

IncomeAvg. tax billAvg. tax bill
Under $19K-$19-$567

I’m sure that $19 windfall will come in handy for those people struggling to scratch out an existence on less than 20 grand a year. That’s courtesy of John McCain and the Republican party, people. Treat yourself to something nice.

It never occured to Wolf and his ilk that the answer to “How do you feel about paying higer taxes if you’re making millions of dollars a year?” could be, “I’m OK with that.” Barkley might be a member of their economic class, but he isn’t one of them.

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