Thursday, July 03, 2008

Holiday news dump

Here’s the news the Bush administration released right before a holiday weekend, when it figures you aren’t looking.
Employers cut payrolls by 62,000 in June, the sixth straight month of nationwide job losses, underscoring the economy's fragile state. The unemployment rate held steady at 5.5 percent.

The latest snapshot of business conditions, released by the Labor Department on Thursday, showed continued caution on the part of employers who are chafing under high energy prices and are uncertain about how long the economy will be stuck in a sluggish mode, reflecting fallout from housing, credit and financial troubles.

Heavy job losses in construction, manufacturing, business services and retailing eclipsed job gains in education and health services, leisure and hospitality, and government.
And yes, coordinating its efforts to release this kind of news at times when it’s least likely to be noticed is about all the administration is doing about job losses and unemployment.

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