Friday, June 06, 2008

Governing, GOP style

This is what passes for governing in the Republican party.
“The goal is for a theme (e.g. climate bill = higher gas prices) each day, and the focus is much more on making political points than in amending the bill, changing the baseline text for any future debate, or affecting policy.”
Those who have no substantive ideas of their own, no will to address the issues facing the American people or the planet, and are tasked only with protecting at all costs the broken, failed status quo and the people who benefit from it have no other recourse but to obstruct the path of those working toward progress.

Whether or not you support partisan gameplaying such as this, if you vote for a Republican, this is exactly what you’re voting for. You’re enabling this instead of progress.

Next time you’re bitching about how Congress never seems to get anything done, remember this GOP memo. Remember the 109th Congress. Remember who is responsible.

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