Friday, March 14, 2008


Get ready to see a lot of signs like this one. But by the end of the year, you’ll look back fondly on the days when gasoline was this inexpensive.
Mike Sweeney recently moved to this idyllic island from Denver and was hit with the other side of living in paradise with his first visit to the gas pump: Maui is also No. 1 in gas prices.

"After seeing the total, I won't be smiling," Sweeney said as he watched the numbers on the Chevron pump spin faster than a slot machine.

The pump finally stopped at $97.20, which put 24.5 gallons in his Chevrolet Avalanche.
A weak dollar, turning a blind eye to price gouging, weakening environmental regulations, a partisan Supreme Court and, of course, Iraq. George Bush is better than Big Oil’s wildest wet dream.

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