Thursday, March 13, 2008

Telcos’ advocate

George Bush wanted to get out in front of a House vote on an eavesdropping bill that doesn't give his telecommunications executive friends immunity for their lawbreaking.

The bill addresses the fake concern that allowing the lawsuits that have been filed against telcos to proceed would make public classified information that would help terrorists by allowing “phone companies to present their defense behind closed doors in federal court, with the judge given access to confidential government documents about eavesdropping begun after the September 11 attacks.”

But it doesn’t give Bush and his co-conspirators buddies co-conspirators what they want, so Bush decided to (or was told to) malign the bill publicly before it is even voted on. But all he had to offer the gathered press were the same old bullshit talking points. Ho hum.
"This litigation would undermine the private sector's willingness to cooperate with the intelligence community, cooperation that is absolutely essential to protecting our country from harm," Bush said.
"Unfortunately, instead of holding a vote on the good bipartisan bill that passed the United States Senate, they introduced a partisan bill that would undermine America's security," Bush said.
He called the House bill "unwise" and said it could lead to public disclosure of highly classified information that could help terrorists.
Getting sleepy.
Bush said the litigation against the phone companies was "unfair" because they had been assured by the U.S. government that their cooperation was "legal and necessary" to fighting terrorism after the September 11 attacks.
Nodding off.
"Companies that may have helped us save lives should be thanked for their patriotic service, not subjected to billion dollar lawsuits that will make them less willing to help in the future," Bush said.

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