Wednesday, November 30, 2005

To Kettle, from Pot

Look who's an expert on ethics.

President George W. Bush on Tuesday verbally slapped a congressman from his Republican party for taking bribes.

Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham of California resigned on Monday after pleading guilty to taking $2.4 million inbribes in exchange for help in securing Defense Department contracts.

"Any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, must take their office seriously and the ethics seriously," Bush said to reporters during a trip to Texas. "The idea of a congressman taking money is outrageous. And Congressman Cunningham is going to realize that he has broken the law and is going to pay a serious price, which he should," Bush said.
Maybe George will let Duke take the White House ethics refresher course. Funny that his rebuke is limited to members of Congress. Hmm...


Blogger Travel Italy said...

unfortunately corruption is not just a republican malice and unfortunately we only know about a very small portion of what is really going on.

11/30/2005 10:20:00 AM  

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