Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The latest talking point from the GOP bullshit factory.

Never mind that, as the right launches this idiotic talking point, voters overwhelmingly reject the policies and politics of the right, particularly those of the Bush administration. As Democrats take over the White House and increase their majorities in both the House and Senate, these talking shitheads are spouting nonsense about the United States being a center-right nation.

Here are last night's results, for both the White House and Congress:

Yeah, looks pretty center-right to me. Compare that with the 2004 electoral map:

Note especially all those states that were blue in 2004 that are red now, such as ... well ...

OK, so no states that went for the Democratic candidate in 2004 went for the Republican candidate in 2008. That fact, plus Democratic gains of at least five seats in the Senate and 16 seats in the House, indicate a clear shift to the left nationally.

But Republicans never let facts interfere with a good bullshit campaign, and never let reality interfere with their view of the world. If they did, they would have to admit that last night was an overwhelming repudiation of them and their worldview. They're over, but they won't go quietly into that goodnight. Instead, they will spend the next four years spewing their lies on Faux News and attempting to tear down Obama and the Democrats and hope that, by then, someone on the right emerges who is even remotely electable.

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