Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tax calculator

Click here to calculate how the Obama/Biden tax plan will affect you. The calculator also allows you to compare the results with those of the McCain/Palin tax plan.

Or you could just take John McCain’s word for it when he claims “that one” wants to raise your taxes.

This calculator is a good idea, and just might sway a few undecideds when they see the numbers for themselves.

While we’re having such a friendly chat about taxes, I’m so sick of politicians treating taxes like they are the greatest evil ever to darken the planet. Do you like competent teachers? A fully staffed and equipped police force? Fire department? Roads in good repair? Bridges that don’t collapse? A safety net for workers who lose their jobs (which is especially useful these days)? Then you don’t exactly hate taxes.

But what else besides the Frankenstein view of “taxes bad” does the Republican party have to run on? It’s spiel about deregulation isn’t very convincing these days, and the party’s domestic and foreign policy records speak for themselves.

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