Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Infotainer

It’s interesting that ABC News listed this story under “Entertainment.” Was Walter Cronkite considered an entertainer?
The [name of source deleted because its edit page is a steaming pile of shit], citing unnamed CBS News executives and people close to Katie Couric, said on Wednesday she could leave her job as anchor of the low-rated "CBS Evening News" well before her contract expires in 2011.

CBS and Couric both issued statements downplaying the story while stopping short of an outright denial.

The report comes as CBS continues to lag in third place in the network news ratings, far behind NBC and ABC, 19 months after Couric's much ballyhooed debut as the first woman solo anchor of a major U.S. evening newscast -- for a salary reportedly worth $15 million a year.
Hard to believe that people didn’t take her more seriously as a journalist, huh? When you sell your credibility, it’s hard to get it back.



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