Monday, January 09, 2006

Impeachment vote

I guess the energy crisis manufactured by Bush's buddy Kenny Boy (allegedly, ha ha) and drumming Gray Davis out of office didn't create the electoral-vote rich red state they were after (well, this and the fact that California went to Kerry in 2004):

A split City Council passed a resolution demanding the impeachment or resignation of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, citing violations of international and constitutional law.

The White House responded that the president "remains focused on the business the American people elected him to conduct."

The resolution lists a series of allegedly impeachable offenses, including "the crime of misleading the American people and Congress into waging an unnecessary and brutal war in Iraq," "the criminal failure of the president to respond adequately to the Hurricane Katrina disaster," "torturing human beings in violation of the Geneva Convention" [sic] and "ordering the secret surveillance of American citizens."
It may be true that, like all resolutions passed by legislative bodies, it will have no official effect on anything whatsoever, but when American elected officials begin calling for the impeachment of the president, can similar calls from the electorate be far behind?


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