Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Down and dirty

Gee, how unexpected.

An Associated Press analysis of a little-known government research project shows that black Americans are 79 percent more likely than whites to live in neighborhoods where industrial pollution is suspected of posing the greatest health danger.

Residents in neighborhoods with the highest pollution scores also tend to be poorer, less educated and more often unemployed than those elsewhere in the country, AP found.
But then you already knew that, didn't you? Since it's not exactly news, I guess what they mean by "little known government research" is "little acknowledged government research" or "little acted upon government research."

And don't expect action on this, or even bullshit Congressional hearings. The ongoing piss-poor response to Hurricane Katrina should make it clear where people of color and the poor rate on the GOP's list of priorities. And the administration's abysmal environmental record should make it clear where industrial polluters rate on that same list. (Hint: Much, much higher.)


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