Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The election-day results are in, and they don't look good for Republicans. Let's review:

Democrats won important governors' races in New Jersey and Virginia. In New Jersey, U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine defeated some other multimillionaire of moot identity. This enables Corzine to pick his own successor in the Senate, and that person is expected to have a leg up in the 2006 election. In (former?) red state Virginia, Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine won easily over Republican Jerry Kilgore. This despite an 11th-hour appearance in which George Bush threw his clout behind Kilgore.

Despite, or because of?

"This is a red state, he came in on Election Eve and he had no discernible effect," (University of Virginia political scientist Larry ) Sabato said. "If anything, he may have cost Kilgore some votes."
A popular president has coattails. An unpopular one has concrete shoes.

In California, voters rejected all four of the ballot initiatives backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, dealing a blow to the Republican just a year ahead of his re-election bid. That is, if he runs.

In New York, RINO Michael Bloomberg won handily. And it only cost him $80 million to $100 million of his own money. Being that Bloomberg is a Republican only because it was the path of least resistance to the mayor's office in 2001, even this isn't really a win for Republicans.

As if all that weren't enough, Bush's buddy Tony "Landslide" Blair was dealt a setback in Parliament today.

Britain's Tony Blair suffered his first major parliamentary defeat as prime minister on Wednesday over new counter-terrorist powers, raising fresh questions about his authority.

The elected House of Commons voted by 322 to 291 against plans to let police hold terrorist suspects for up to 90 days without charge, as about 40 members of Blair's Labour party refused to support him.

Blair had dramatically recalled his two top ministers -- finance minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw -- from abroad in a bid to avoid defeat, but to no avail.
Spin as they might, the GOP has received the message loud and clear: We've had enough. Enough of your incompetence, enough of your failures, enough of your eroding of our rights, enough of your indictments, enough of your lack of ethics, enough of your corruption, enough of your attacks on opponents, enough of your moral bankruptcy, enough of your war, enough of your lies.


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